The Pike and the Pool

The main character in the book, Martin Lunsford, is grieving. He is numb as he returns from hospital in Crosschester to Oak Cottage, the home he shared with his wife… Read more

The Green Man

In the novel, 1978’s Crosschester has more pubs per square foot than a porcupine has quills, or at least it feels that way. One pub plays a major role in… Read more

Mr Randolph Beacham

Lunsford is in hospital, following the accident. He dreams and imagines. He tries to construct a working reality. He comes up with what he is a fact. It was a… Read more


Lunsford’s wife is called Chloé. Or rather she was. In hospital after the accident, he remembers her as he drifts in and out of morphine caves. Chloé was grand in… Read more
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