The Man Water Meadow Man

How to deal with a nosey parker 101

In this short extract from  The Water Meadow Man, Sister He'l – an officious person with a particularly nasty view of the NHS – tries to get dear old Martin… Read more
A church

A Mysterious Woman Visits the Corpse of Darragh O’Brien

With The Water Meadow Man finished and published , the next novel in the Crosschester Chronicles is well underway. Unlike TWMM the new books is a crime novel with a… Read more
The Man Water Meadow Man

Buy a Digital Copy of The Water Meadow Man for £1.20p

If you'd prefer not to use Amazon and you don't have a Apple Books you can buy a digital version of The Water Meadow Man directly from me using Paypal… Read more
Lembit & Elika in Love

Short Stories of Love, Sharks and a Strange Restaurant

Short stories about love, family, sharks and gangsters to get you through your day... and night. This collection of ten short stories contains everything you could want from blind love… Read more

Out Now ‘The Water Meadow Man’ – a novel about hope

My new novel, The Water Meadow Man, is available on Apple and Amazon digital editions. The paperback is also available on Amazon. Read more

The British Democratic & Freedom Party

Lunsford is a novel that compares the effects of grief on different people. Martin Lunsford struggles with moving on from his past which has been reformed lately by the deaths… Read more
The Cathedral

Crosschester’s Souls

Not everything makes it into the second, third or fourth draft, let alone the finished novel. Here’s a section I removed because it over-explained and stopped the reader’s ability to… Read more
The Phoenix Pub

Outside the Phoenix

Lunsford has been taken to The Phoenix pub where he discovers more about Mr Sarson-Taylor whose family appears to own everything in sight. He’s never heard of the pub although… Read more
Crosschester and St Eades

What the book is about.

Lunsford, the novel about hope, is set in England in the mid-1970s. It tells the story of Martin Lunsford as he moves through grief. This is mirrored by the attempts… Read more
A Kiss

A Kiss

Lunsford is at home with his memories of his wife Chloé. He has been forced by circumstances beyond his control to face up to the fact that she is gone.… Read more
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