A Kiss

Lunsford is at home with his memories of his wife Chloé. He has been forced by circumstances beyond his control to face up to the fact that she is gone. He has to go into the room in the house that they loved the most when she was alive. “If you need to explain it, […]

The Phoenix Inn

A shaken, bewildered Lunsford is taken to a pub he’s never heard of in the village where he’d always lived. A man called Thomas Sarson-Taylor leads him there. It’s time for Lunsford to meet some people who will be very important to him. Of course, he doesn’t know this yet. Instead of turning left off […]

The Green Man

In the novel, 1978’s Crosschester has more pubs per square foot than a porcupine has quills, or at least it feels that way. One pub plays a major role in the development of the British Democratic and Freedom Party: a party of race hate and ego. Pay a visit why don’t you. The Green Man […]

Mr Randolph Beacham

Lunsford is in hospital, following the accident. He dreams and imagines. He tries to construct a working reality. He comes up with what he is a fact. It was a male surgical ward that seemed to be named after someone called Beacham. The Randolph Beacham Ward. Attempting to construct some sort of reasonable world Lunsford […]


Lunsford’s wife is called Chloé. Or rather she was. In hospital after the accident, he remembers her as he drifts in and out of morphine caves. Chloé was grand in a way that made everybody around her elevated. She was grand in size and in the breadth of her every day humanity. She had a […]

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