The Man Water Meadow Man

About the Book

The Water Meadow Man – a novel

Crosschester, England in the late 1970s: Crosschester is a quiet, self-satisfied county town, made a city by the fact of its thousand year old cathedral.

Its citizens rely on the past that has always offered certainty, security and status to assure them of their future. When a new family moves in and things start to change.

Fearing any change, several seemingly respectable people form a vicious new political party – the BDFP. It sends its tentacles out across the country.

At the council’s planning department, Martin Lunsford and Mick Downes’ have to create the HQ of the party from the mess of papers, symbols, and pictures presented to them by their boss and founder member of the BDFP.

Mick and Martin hide something in there before Mick is mown down by an out of control car.

As the opening of the terrible buildling grows closer, Lunsford is pushed towards it by forces from his past and his present.

What will happen on opening night? Who will get there first? The Party or Lunsford? And what will happen then?