A Mysterious Woman Visits the Corpse of Darragh O’Brien

With The Water Meadow Man finished and published , the next novel in the Crosschester Chronicles is well underway. Unlike TWMM the new books is a crime novel with a murder front-and-centre. Here’s a snippet from the opening chapters.

“Darragh O’Brien’s coffin sat in front of the altar of St Eade the Virgin Church on the Thursday night for people to visit and pay their respects before it was sunk into the ground the next morning. Over the evening hours three people came, looked into the open casket that had been raised up on a trestle to the average person’s waist height, and made their peace with the corpse and themselves. Before Father Malachi locked the studded front doors of the old church at 11 o’clock one more person made their way up the aisle, stopped at the coffin and lifted their finely netted veil. 

A tall woman, she leant over Darragh O’Brien’s cosmetically enlivened face and whispered a few words before spitting right in his eye. She wiped off the spit with a piece of tissue paper, which she laid under his hand to conceal it. She look toward the alter with Christ Crucified floating over carved from the deck and mast of some long lost fighting ship. She crossed herself, kissing her thumb as if it was holding a rosary, winked and walked out. She got into a long, black, expensive looking car and she was gone.”

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Noel Murphy

I'm Noel Murphy. I wrote this novel. Please do get in touch if you need to know any more. I've got no agent, so you'll be talking directly to me.

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