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How Do You Qualify for Father’s Day?

I considered this question every year with the expectation that the answer will become more obviously, “Nope, not any more. There is a statute of limitations on this one, and it’s now past due.”

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On the Death of a Child & Trigger Warnings

The problem with Trigger Warnings is that they often exacerbate the pain than they seek to protect us from. They also propose a world where healing from many different traumas is homogenised into a synthetic mass agreement on what constitutes pain, damage, confrontation or peace. The synthesis is too simplistic and is in fact more demagogic than pedagogic: it speaks to a mass lie of consensus rather than enabling people to learn their way through their horrors.

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On Being Questioned Over the Death of a Child – Part 1

I was living in Sydney, Australia the day that my daughter died of a combination of pneumonia, a badly administered anaesthetic following dentistry work and her disability. She died in the room next to mine. I discovered her in the morning.

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Marie aka Mutti: a Eulogy

To this day I have no idea how she achieved this feat without going bonkers…

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The Famous London Cock’s Head Gastropub Holiday Menu!

English Cheese Plate with a Hint of France and Yummy Charlotte’s Bwiscwits. – £12 Yummy!