With my novel, and the first part of The Crosschester Cycle, The Water Meadow Man already out in the world, it’s time to start work on the as yet untitled, The New Novel. As I go along I’ll be posting up WIP that will include pieces of text, ideas that might live on or might die, illustrations and even some research.

This will act as a blog for The New Novel. I hope it will illuminate some of the methods I learn and mistakes I make along the way to creating a new work of fiction.
The first thing to know is that the book involves, but is not devoted to, a murder in the village of Shalford outside the city of Crosschester.

Those of you who have read The Water Meadow Man (some free chapters here if you haven’t), will be familiar with some of the locations. Don’t worry if you haven’t though. I mean obviously I’d like you to buy and read The Water Meadow Man but if you haven’t, you’ll still have a good, old murder mystery to keep you engrossed.

Now dear reader, let us begin.

A prologue: This shows my thinking in terms of the narrator – I’ve opted for the Robinson Crusoe method as I call it. The story is discovered in a box… 

A character: This from a chapter about a character whose influence is monumental despite his, let us say, lack of vigour : In life he was as religious as in death.

A mystery: This is a definite work in progress about a mysterious woman who has a past that makes her very, very angry.

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